The Transcendent

‘I think therefore I am.’  - Rene Descartes (1637)

‘Yeh, sure. Well let’s take a closer look at that…’ - Zayess Eill Triseke (2007)


Last surviving carrier of an epic tale that could decide the future of humanity, Uriel is faced with a dilemma – to tell all and maybe risk humans creating infinitely more havoc than they already have, or to remain silent and allow his own destructive species to go extinct. But there are others with an interest in this and soon he finds himself caught in the middle of a psychological battle that threatens his sanity as each side tries to sway his judgement. What is real and what is imagination when faced with people who can tamper with dreams, memories, and one’s very grasp of reality?


A surreal adventure exploring our grasp of reality when faced with confusion and misinformation.


A rich metaphor for the confusing and misleading world in which we find ourselves.


A tale of love, courage, and determination in the face of otherworldly challenges.


This is the hub around which the sylissin mythos revolves. Though a mind-expanding adventure in its own right it is also the story of how the epic Sylissin Chronicles came to be written, transforming that trilogy into a cycle as both prologue and epilogue and begging the question: 


What basis do we have for assuming that all of this is merely an elaborate work of fiction?



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