To have made it this far you must be above-averagely curious. We like that, and we hope that you are now prepared to suspend disbelief and dig deeper. Though below we have provided a little food for thought, in the end it will be up to you to uncover the truth. The basic premise of Ther Sylissin Cronicles is an important part of that truth, even if some of the details have been embellished upon to improve the narrative.


The problem we have is that while some would like you to know that all is not what it seems to be, others would rather leave you to flounder in your ignorance. If we say much more this might provoke a response. So study The Sylissin Cronicles carefully and extract the truth within. For far too long those in power have misled. Their mythology and rhetoric is threadbare. Take this as the new mythology and through it view your world exocentrically. See the reality of your situation as the prelerah do.


In the world of the sylissin, fiction blends into fact in a wide range of strange and intreaguing ways. The best way to explore this is to read the stories and then undertake some background research. You will be surprised at just how much of the apparent fiction fits very closely with fact. While some would like this to be widely known, some would prefer that it be buried; and that is a story in itself - one that might never be told.


Meanwhile, until those stories become available to all, I offer a few images as food for thought.


Seeker in the dark - the classic view of a mysterious blue light


The following three images were taken in my own bedroom and are untouched, just as I found them on the digital camera.

Seeker photographed through bedroom mirror.


Seeker in bedroom.


Seeker in bedroom with light on.


The following images were found by accident on the internet while researching a possible location for what I took to be a fictitious base of the secretive AO coropration. Imagine my surprise when I found this exactly where I imagined the remains of it to be. 




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