Stop press: The Railroad is finally here


Following the novel's adaptation to screenplay The Railroad has finally been released in both Kindle and paperback formats.



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When greed lures Randolph Gaff to force a railroad into a labyrinthine Canadian wilderness it isn’t just the inaccessible terrain that he has to worry about. The local Indians are protected by deadly, mysterious strangers that will stop at nothing to see the railroad fail. Pursued by a rival gang and hounded by ruthless creditors, with all the odds against him he turns to Carter, a wilderness guide, and Sven, a cartographer and railroad engineer to find him a route. But as these unlikely friends begin to uncover the land’s deadly secret they become torn between their obligations and their growing consciences.

Mystery, high adventure, horror, and a liberal sprinkling of some good old-fashioned Wild West clichés, The Railroad drives a wedge through the genre into unknown territory.



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Join the evolution - A mind-expanding proposition

Humankind evolved in a much simpler world. The instincts needed to survive where global population is soaring while climate change makes life ever more difficult are lacking. Evolution has stalled and the consequences will be severe.  A new perspective is required; new parables for the twenty-first century; a new evolution of thought.

Suluru Aam Suareska




  Non-fiction. Biography













Anthropocentric - Regarding humans as a central element of the universe or interpreting reality exclusively in terms of human values and experiences.


Exocentric - An outsider view of reality in which humans are but part of a greater whole or viewing reality from the vantage point of an unrestrained perspective.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face.     (1 Corinthians 13 - English Standard Version)


In reality we forever see only ourselves, and our world-view is skewed by this. This is anthropocentrism and through it we believe that as a species we are both all-important and invunerable. We seek to make the journey away from this a painless and entertaining one and so it becomes necessary to suspend disbelief before moving on.

We would like to introduce humans to the reality of their existence. Some fiction is required, and also a suspension of disbelief. Yet behind this lies a weath of meticulously researched fact. What if we were given a glimpse of an external perspective? What if we were given the gift of exocentrism? This is the gift we want to pass on to you. Yet it is one that ultimately you must learn to use for yourself. If this doesn't sound too daunting, then read on.


Fact-Filled Fiction

The world of the prelerah introduces a new mythology from which our world view can be measured and found wanting. The Sylissin Chronicles and the other novels listed here are now available through Amazon both in Paperback and Kindle.













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