The Transcendent

by prelerah - 14:15 on 30 October 2012

There is a story to be told about the telling of the story The Sylissin Chronicles. Yet the complexity is confounding. It was all just a prelerah game in one sense, but to the target of their attention it seemed more like a war. The reason was that while some welcomed the possiblity of revealing so much to the human species, other felt that keeping them ignorant was better. For in their ignorance they would surely destroy themselves, doing the world and possibly other worlds beyond, a huge favour. Among the weapons used in that war were deception, confusion, lust, and love. The result, a test of the target's grasp on reality. We think therefore we are? Are you really so sure it's that simple?

So while the makings of somethign very strange indeed continue to brew i will be taking a final look at War of the Innocents with a view to releasing it on Amazon kindle as soon as i can. How soon depends on what distractions come my way. You see recently I have been "outside" and there's no telling when something might call me out again.

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